Kick Burger

$5.15 - $7.25 

Your local "hole-in-the-Wall"

We purchased Boar's Breath Burger Co. (Formerly Boar's Breath Deli) in April of 2015.  It has been a fixture in the Port Hueneme Community for over 8 years, and we are dedicated to continuing that great heritage and building upon it.  We use only locally sourced, premium quality ingredients and get our bread fresh daily from Ann's Bakery here in Port Hueneme!  We are also proud to pour 9 great local beers on tap, including favorites from Madewest Brewing, Institution, Stone, 21st Amendment, Topa Topa, Figueroa Mountain Brewery and Santa Maria Brewing Co.!  Not to mention our locally sourced wine list with wines from Mason Vineyards, Cinque Stelle and Tally.  Come taste the Family-Owned Difference at Boar's Breath Burger Co.!

Best Sellers

The Not Yo' Mama Burger

$12.10 House / $15.10 Kobe

Seared Ahi Salad


With Our Homemade Kick Sauce
Seared to Perfection, Served w/ Balsamic Vinaigrette

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